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Title: Teach Me, Cinderella
Author: [personal profile] vanarcana
Fandom: Uta no Prince-sama
Pairing/Characters: Camus/fem!Ai, Professor Kisaragi
Rating/Category: K+/PG
Word Count: 3778
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Camus meets the lovely Mikaze Ai at the Yuletide Masquerade, but she runs off in fear of him discovering her true identity as a Machina Doll. That doesn't stop Camus; he purchases her freedom and she comes to live with him as a normal girl, not a machine. Ai repays his kindness by making the ultimate sacrifice and saving him from an assassination attempt.
Notes/Warnings: Suggestive themes and some cursing.
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Title: Odysseus' Triumph
Author: [personal profile] vanarcana
Fandom: Castlevania
Pairing/Characters: Hector/Julia, some Trevor/Sypha
Rating/Category: T/PG-13
Word Count: 3608
Spoilers: Spoilers for 'Curse of Darkness.'
Summary: Hector was a broken man when he came to live with Isaac's sister, but after eight months his heart begins to mend. An unexpected reunion and battle will force him to make a choice; can he accept what happened in his past and look toward the future once more?
Notes/Warnings: Violence and cursing.
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au: fairy tale / myth forbidden fruit reunion au: romance novel road trip
indecent proposal kidfic immortality / reincarnation unrequited love / pining hurt / comfort
au: crossover unexpected friendship FREE

metafiction futurefic
handcuffed / bound together role reversal au: historical f**k or die presumed dead
coming out (of the closet) chosen family poor communication skills power dynamics marriage

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